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Suggest a New WAAR League 

Do you want WAAR to come to your location and start or manage a WAAR sport for you and your friends to play? If yes, please fill out the following form and a WAAR representative will review it and get back to you soon!

Let's Play WAAR!
Please fill out the form below
1. What WAAR sport, event or class are you interested in getting started or managed in your area?    
  Sport, Event or Class:    
2. Where is your location? (or nearest metropolitan area)    
  City: State:    
3. If interested in starting a new sport, there is a minimum of 4-6 teams required to start a new league. Do you feel that this is feasible in your area? Yes No
4. Is there enough playing space to support a league? Yes No
5. Do you have a location in mind to use? Yes No
6. Is the location in close proximity to a sports bar or restaurant who would be willing to help support and sponsor the activity? Yes No
7. Would you be willing to become the President of your WAAR League? Yes No
8. Can a WAAR representative contact you directly to get more information? Yes No
Other Comments:    
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