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Find Your League:
MD - CaliforniaCrustaceanThursdaysFall 2012
VA - Newport NewsHowitzerThursdaysWinter 2015
VA - Newport NewsMinutemenFridaysSummer 2010
VA - Virginia BeachOrcaThursdaysSummer 2018
VA - Virginia BeachWAAR Youth 8-11SaturdaysSummer 2018
VA - Virginia BeachWAAR Youth 12-16SaturdaysSummer 2018
VA - YorktownViperWednesdaysSummer 2014
Join one of our Dodgeball Leagues below:
Location Name Day of Week Start Date Available for Sign Up
MD - California Crustacean Thursdays January 1, 2013 No   More Information
VA - Newport News Howitzer Thursdays February 5, 2015 No   More Information
VA - Newport News Minutemen Fridays July 2, 2010 No   More Information
VA - Virginia Beach Orca Thursdays July 12, 2018 No   More Information
VA - Virginia Beach WAAR Youth 8-11 Saturdays June 30, 2018 No   More Information
VA - Virginia Beach WAAR Youth 12-16 Saturdays June 30, 2018 No   More Information
VA - Yorktown Viper Wednesdays July 16, 2014 No   More Information

Welcome to WAAR Dodgeball!

WAAR is the World Association of Adult Recreation. We are a social organization created to advance the joy of adult competitive sports around the world. WAAR Dodgeball started in 2005 and continues to help players across the United States and the world experience the joy of Dodgeball. Come join our WAAR organization and "declare WAAR" on all other leagues.

To join our social family and play in a WAAR League, either join an exisiting WAAR Dodgeball League in your area or fill out the online form to start a new WAAR Dodgeball League in your area.

WAAR Dodgeball registration is usually open for Spring and Fall Seasons throughout the country. Please refer to your specific leagues page by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top of this section to see the specifi Signup Dates and Season Dates for your area. Please note that Signup Dates and Season Dates may vary for your particular league and location in the country. Additionally, if you're in a warm climate state - keep an eye out for winter season Dodgeball leagues starting up in select locations nationwide!

Playing WAAR is the most fun you will ever have with your clothes on! But don't take our word for it, listen to comments from our members...

"WAAR is awesome! I have never been in a league that has been so much fun and so organized. The WAAR staff is helpful and kind and they have provided everything that we needed to make our league structured and competitive but not take out any of the fun! The efficiency of the WAAR association, staff and website is incredible. I've never had so much fun! I am going to play WAAR every year!"
Kelly Tucker - Virginia Beach, VA.

Come join the family and Let's Play WAAR!

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