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MD - CaliforniaCrustaceanThursdaysFall 2012
VA - Newport NewsHowitzerThursdaysWinter 2015
VA - Newport NewsMinutemenFridaysSummer 2010
VA - Virginia BeachOrcaThursdaysSummer 2018
VA - Virginia BeachWAAR Youth 8-11SaturdaysSummer 2018
VA - Virginia BeachWAAR Youth 12-16SaturdaysSummer 2018
VA - YorktownViperWednesdaysSummer 2014
WAAR Dodgeball of Newport News, VA
Howitzer Division
Dare Elementary School - Yorktown, VA (Thursdays)
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League Info
League President
Jenny  Harrison

Field Location
Dare Elementary School
300 Dare Rd
Yorktown, VA 23692
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League Fee:
$60.00 pp



Hey Everybody,

Dodgeball signups started a little bit late this year due to some scheduling delays with Parks n Rec, but signups are NOW OPEN!!!! Dodgeball season is right around the corner and I CAN'T WAIT!

Here are the initial details. (If you want to captain a team, contact me so I can let you know how you will receive your discount).

- Discounted rates. No exceptions to the discounts:

Only $30 if you register by Dec 15, $40 by Dec 31.

If 12 people are registered for your team by Dec 31 you get your money back.

If at least 12 people are signed up for your team by Dec 31st you get an extra 2 pitchers and 2 wing vouchers for the first week of play (2 of each voucher is enough to cover all 12 players, whether they win or lose).

I think everybody knows that I love Dodgeball, so I definitely want to hear some feedback from you to try and help grow the sport in the Yorktown area.
Please send your questions, concerns and recommendations to me at jennaay422@gmail.com .

Here are some ideas that I want to share with the group and get everyone's thoughts:

1. Pre-Season Meet-N-Greets for Signups (aka drink beer and cornhole at Bayhaven).
We can pick a few days at Bayhaven throughout the pre-season signup period and members can come up there to get information, drink, mingle, etc. I'll have a tablet or iPad up there so if anyone wants to register on the spot they can and I can walk them through the process.

3. Preseason practice and/or scrimmages.
Starting in December or January, we will try to reserve the gym for a night in order to let teams (or individuals looking for teams) have some gym time to practice, learn the rules, pick up players... whatever. If you or any of your teammates are interested in this. let me know ASAP so I can book the gym!

4. New GROWLER trophy:
WAAR has opted to go a different route with their trophies this past year. Instead of a normal cup trophy, WAAR has been buying HUGE 3 Liter engraved growlers for the winning team!


1) Draft League
We could have all members sign up as orphans. Then we could have a “Draft Night” at Bayhaven and members could pick the members that will be on their team. Each member chosen will have the option to also bring another member of the opposite sex with them (so that couples in relationships can remain on the same team). WAAR did this with Kickball in Virginia Beach and it was a lot of fun!

2) Extra hours or weeks added to the regular season to test different style games.
I want everyone to have fun playing. If you feel that a different style of game play would benefit everyone, let's give it a try. The games won't count against a team's record. For example 2 or 3 weeks during the season have extra hours set aside for games that are all different... for example, one week do all female vs. female games and male vs male games, another week have games with different rules (players can come back in if a ball is caught.. or set up cones with balls on them and you have to play dodgeball while protecting the cones and balls.. lots of different options there) I think adding weeks with these "just for fun" games will take a lot of the tension between teams out of the game... and will also be a huge benefit to the teams with the lower standings.

Basically I want to have a good, fun season of WAAR Dodgeball. Let's go out and get more teams and have fun this season. We all want to win and be competitive, but it's really all about having some fun, socializing with your teammates and meeting new people!!

I want to hear back from you so please email me or post on Facebook!

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