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WAAR Kickball of Virginia Beach, VA
Tsunami - FALL Division
Bayville Park - Virginia Beach, VA (Thursdays)
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League Info
League President
Ned  Griffith

Field Location
Bayville Park
4132 First Ct Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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League Fee:
$20.00 pp





This League Plays at Bayville Park on Thursdays..

The game schedule is posted to the left.

Please visit our Facebook Group Page for all updates and information. 


Emails will also be sent to members and/or captains for other urgent matters and detailed information.


Have fun playing WAAR Kickball!


TeamWAAR COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Quick Facts

*These guidelines were established to help create a safe playing environment. TeamWAAR reserves the right to change and modify these guidelines at any time. For further information please contact TeamWAAR at 757-460-9000. 

Quick Facts for Fall 2020: 

  1. Schedule: TeamWAAR will operate for the fall 2020 season. There will be approximately 10 weeks of games. Following the regular season, a  tournament will take place for all teams.
  2. Upon arriving to any event, all members are required to acknowledge an online COVID-19 Screening Survey... http://www.teamwaar.com/TeamWAAR-COVID-SCREENING-SURVEY.pdf. 
  3. Self-Health Assessments: Any person(s) exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms or who has come in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms are not permitted at any TeamWAAR event. Any persons with symptoms including include cough, sneezing, fever above 100.0 deg. F.
  4. Please see the following website for a list of other symptoms: http://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms 
  5. Game Day Screening: Prior to arriving to any TeamWAAR event, players acknowledge that they have read the aforementioned online COVID-19 Screening Survey. This form should also be reviewed before each game. If a player answers yes to any of the Covid Screening Survery criteria, do not arrive to any TeamWAAR events. Report to TeamWAAR and get further direction.
  6. Any person who has come in contact with a sick individual or someone exhibiting flu-like symptons should refrain from visiting TeamWAAR events or its members for 14 days. If a player exhibits symptoms it is required that the player notify the coach and/or division director of the situation and TeamWAAR . This is to ensure the safety and well being of fellow teammates/families and help prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 in our community. Confidentiality of all players will be maintained. 
  7. COVID-19 Positive: Any participant who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, or who has a member of the household who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, will cease all participation in team activity. The member will notify the coach and TeamWAAR of the positive test.
  8. Hand Washing/Temperature Check: All participants should wash their hands prior to any TeamWAAR event. TeamWAAR encourages all players to have individual hand sanitizer that is accessible throughout games. Hand sanitizer should not be shared between participants. Members are asked to take body temperatures prior to coming to TeamWAAR events. Any persons with a temperature of 100.0F or higher are not permitted at any TeamWAAR event.
  9. Masks: Per the CDC, it is recommended that all spectators, coaches, umpires, and players wear masks when unable to social distance, however, it is not mandatory. Mask wearing is up to each individual and will not be discouraged.
  10. Social Distancing: TeamWAAR will uphold recommendations for 6ft of social distancing amongst participants (whenever possible) and all visitors. Visitors are asked to space themselves accordingly around the ballpark and refrain from using bleachers or picnic areas for seating as much as possible.
  11. Sanitizing: TeamWAAR board members will sanitize common areas when possible. These areas will primarily be sanitized during opening and closing of the park. Intermittent cleaning of these areas may be completed, but TeamWAAR and Parks and Rec will primarily be a self sanitizing park throughout the day. Participants are strongly encouraged to have their own hand sanitizers and cleaning products if they choose to use park common areas for sitting. It is our hope as a community we can work together to maintain a safe and clean environment.
  12. Sidelines: Sidelines are available for each team use but social distancing should be maintained. 
  13. Balls: Balls will be sanitized prior to each game
  14. Entering/Exiting Park: In order to keep the number of people in the complex to a minimum, we ask that families and members exit the complex as soon as their game ends. There will be firm start and stop times for games. TeamWAAR suggests that any at-risk individuals refrain from coming to the complex.
  15. Head Referees: The Head Referees are closely monitored and are required to self assess prior to entering the park complex. 

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